Screening programme

Vaporwave – All that is solid melts into air

28 September 2014 (Kontra Klub)

playlist by Greg Barth, The Rodina, Ádám Ulbert, Noviki Studio, KinoPravda, Danila, Takeshi Murata, Mark Pieterson, Twerkuleze, Macintosh PRO et al.

presentation 1, Attila KÁLMÁN {sociologist, music journalist}:


In music production appropriation or any other forms of ‘borrowing’ are far from being something new. Moreover, with the emergence of samplers and audio-sampling it became a routine and generic phenomenon. Vaporwave has only introduced a novelty from the aspect that it linked this together with the aesthetic of sound, and in the place of musical quote and reference system it has inserted something mystical and provocative coming from the almost unnoticeable sounds that surround us. Music is now inseparable from the visual elements operating with post-digital codes, the two together build up an intangible alternative reality faltering in time.

presentation 2, Zsolt MIKLÓSVÖLGYI {editor, critic}:


[…] Vaporwave and post-internet art, K-Pop and sea punk: today’s digital bourgeoise gets mostly arose by these problems. Eventually, this existing class ceased to articulate itself through the accumulation of material goods a long time ago, but rather through the networked and knowledge-based image of a society, the foundation of which is grounded in the access to the infrastructure of digital technology and network culture. Its capital amounts to its mere aesthetic sensibility, self-fashioning gained by consuming online contents, and the presentist ethos of up-to-dateness and well-informedness. He/she is a digital flaneur with precise navigational skills, someone who is less and less touched by the consumer culture of modernity based on the individual aesthetic of the Romantic era, as she/he rather differentiates him/herself through the hybrid world of mutating contents than the cult of authenticity/originality catalysed by the repeated logic of production/accumulation. His/her archetype being the trend-sensitive re-blogger rather than the genius of the art in the Romantic era. […]

AV show by Alley Catss, video installation by Syncnoise

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Dirty Projectors

27 September 2014 (private apartment)

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No Accent. Generation X

27 September 2014 (Lumen Grocery)

According to Marc Prensky, we are a society of digital natives and digital immigrants. Digital natives are the new generation of kids and teenagers for whom the digital language of computers and the Internet is the father tongue. While, their parents, elderly relatives and teachers are mostly digital immigrants who are working hard on getting a visa to the brave new digital and tech world but it’s a complicated, time-consuming, multiple step process. Even after entering the digital environment, they are facing serious problems in adapting to the new circumstances – as they are in a new continent without possessing the language skills required to successfully pursue their most basic goals. Unlike digital natives who have no difficulties in navigating themselves in and around the virtual corridors of the www. Albeit the efforts of digital immigrant to imbibe the local dialect, they will still carry their accent as a heavy burden that is threatening to reveal their origins in any moment. As Prensky writes, ‘the <digital immigrant accent> can be seen in such things as turning to the Internet for information second rather than first, or in reading the manual for a program rather than assuming that the program itself will teach us to use it.’

C3 Centre for Culture & Communication Foundation had soon discovered the creative potential of digital natives, therefore they established the <19 Freestyle Computer Competition more than ten years ago. The prize is a platform for like-minded, talented geek kiddos and it may as well act as a springboard for their later professional practices. The range of projects that were realized in the framework of the <19 Freestyle Computer Competition is very broad – applicants can hand in anything that was made with the use of a computer: they may be drawings, animations, music, games, websites, applications, robots, self-made softwares or hardwares or other IT solutions.

text: Jutka Szalipszki

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Open Call 2014 Finalists

25 September 2014 (Higgs Field)

appropriation / staged / animation / found footage / trash aesthetics / neoavantgarde / typographic / webjoke: a well-to-do selection from all over the world

Arjan Brentjes: Hybris 6’21”
Bajusz Orsolya: Béla Der Dekorator 9’49”
Bucsi Árpád: G8 Blossom 2’32”
Dagmar Schürrer: Imagine Abstraction 8’18”
Érmezei Lili Zoé: Body Borders 1’33”, 4’35”
Gerardo Nolasco Magana: An Ape Story 5’58”
Margarita Novikova: Chronicles on the Lap 8’44”, Hole in the City 3’43”
Nina Caspari:The Silk Silence of the Wild Cotton Candy 9’49”
Nucleopontoq: Mirra 4’54”
Rita Casdia: Stangliro 4’09”
Susanne Wiegner: Meine Heimat 1’32”
The Nancy Brücke: Television Tower 0’57”
Tsuyoshi Anzai: Out of Studio 4’07”, 5 Steps 1 Machine 4’19”

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Grand Opening / Tripoteca / Modeo & Eerie AV show

24 September 2014 (Tesla, Courtyard of Museum of Electrotechnics Budapest)

Tripoteca Psychedelic Film & Art Festival pres. Metaphysical Matters. Abstract and surrealistic aesthetics opening up consciousness and broadering the perception of reality.

Chad VanGaalen – Peace on the Rise I Chad VanGaalen / Sub Pop I US I 2011 I 4.5
ESCHATON I Alexei Patrascu I RO I 2012 I 5.5
To Understand is to Perceive Patterns I Jason Silva I US I 2012 I 2
Radical Openess I Jason Silva I US I 2012 I 2.5
Ruuuun!! I AnimeTaste! I CN I 2013 I 13
SUPERDREAMER I David Broner I FR I 2012 I 1.5
THINGPIT I Taras Hrabowsky I US I 2010 I 1.5
True Skin I Stephan Zlotescu / N1ON I US I 2012 I 6
SALIENCE I Paul Trillo I US I 2013 I 5.5
Jeu I Georges Schwizgebel I SW I 2006 I 3.5
Oh, the Places You’ll Go at Burning Man! I Teddy Saunders, Parker Howell & William Walsh I US I 2012 I 7
Parallel I Peter Caires I UK I 2012 I 2
Psychic Land I 2veinte I AR I 2012 I 2
Kingdom Crumbs – Evoking Spirits I Ori Toor I IL I 2012 I 2.5
The Vein – Magma I Dvein I ES I 2013 I 1.5
Yu Miyashita – Mimic I Lucio Arese I IT I 2012 I 2
Chasing Space I Marco Bagni / LostConversation I DE I 2012 I 1
Collapse I Selfburning I RU I 2012 I 1
Dream Cop – Marooned I Benjamin Brewer I US I 2011 I 3
Connan Mockasin – Faking Jazz Together I Fleur & Manu / Phantasy I UK I 2012 I 4
Particle Play I Simon Russell I UK I 2012 I 1
Vessels – The Sky was Pink I Morgan Beringer I UK I 2012 I 6


The Revolution Will Be Televised

26 September 2014 (Liberty Square, Living Memorial)

Deimantas Narkevicius {LT}: Once in the XX century, 2004
Little Warsaw (HU): INSTAURATIO! – Monument contra Cathedral, 2004 (Let Art Belong to Everyone!, 2006
Christian Jankowski {GER}: Heavy Weight History, 2013
Kristina Norman {EE}: Monolith, 2007
Irina Botea {RO}: 15M Conversations, 2011
Karen Mirza & Brad Butler (UK): Hold your ground, 2012
Alexandra Pirici {RO}: Soft Power, 2013
Alexandra Pirici {RO}: If You Don’t Want Us, We Want You. Intervention in public space, Bucharest, 2011
Olga Jitlina {RU}: Episode 2. The Bronze Horseman, 2014
Ilona Németh {HU/SK}: Fog (Bratislava, Námestie Slobody), 2013
Vojtěch Fröhlich, O. Mladý, J. Šimánek, V. Turner {CZ}: Enlightenment, 2012
Conflict Kitchen {US}
Csáki László & Mélyi József {HU}: Rosta 006, 2014
How did David Copperfield Make the Statue of Liberty Disappear? Explained.
3D Statues – Pixel Art. Minecraft tutorial
+ amateur videos, news broadcasts

At variance to the opinion that public sculptures are ‘unseen’, the recent ‘statue affairs’ both in Hungary and elsewhere proved to stir up this old belief. The phenomenon of ‘Leninfall’ in Ukraine is one exemplary monumentum from today’s media news, where cataclysmic mass rage removed the representations in stone of an old regime by physical force. Thanks to the broadcast-based media culture that we live in, these events do not pass unnoticed. The video selection invites to face up with the dilemma of monuments in stone, their propaganda value affecting public history, and the participatory forms of counter-discourses in memorialization practices. The screening event is a joint program with the Eleven Emlékmű (Living Memorial) activists.

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