Screening programme

Crosstalk e8th ╲ Day 4 WAR

29 May 2016 (Hospital in the Rock)

Videos by

METAHAVEN: Black Transparency: The Right to Know in the Age of Mass Survaillance 11’47”
NOVIKI: The Displacement 6’20”
Holly HERNDON: Interference 5’18”
James BRIDLE: Flag for No Nations 13’00”
Shinseungback KIMYONGHUN: Aposematic Jacket 1’14”
Heba AMIN: As birds flying
MOLLEINDUSTRIA: Unmanned 08’47”
Hito STEYERL: Is the Museum a Battlefield? 36’47”

curated by Lívia Nolasco-Rózsás, Szilvi Német

The screening is accompanied by a one-hour guided tour in the former secret emergency hospital and nuclear bunker. The festival program takes place in a domed hospital room, where you can watch the videos from sick-beds.

war, tele-thanatological optics, military aspect of the techno-scientific developments, information surveillance, necro-politics, robotics, bio-power

Entrance fee (tour + screening): 1620 HUF
Please register at in advance.

Crosstalk e8th — D) P—B Digital Painting workshop

28 May 2016 (Horizont Gallery)

Digital surfaces and canvases. Workshop to practice and learn about pixel-based creation. Content aware fill and drop shadow as artform. Bring your own workstation, drink flower tea, create together.
Free entry.

Hosted by Hungarian Sadness,
Bruno Mokross and Gergő Kovács

The first examples of painting on digital canvases can be traced back to the sixties, and today they are mostly used by “applied” fields (Video games, CGI). The Digital Painting series argue that these techniques don’t have to solely be steps of strict, functional workflows, but can be great tools for aesthetic-focused, abstracted expressions also.

The Digital Painting series is a community space without a fixed geographic location, what aims to spread techniques what are not broadly represented in institutionalized art due to their new-foundness and novelty, and to start interaction between local digital artists.

Previous D) P events have been held in Vienna and Milan by Marco Rizzi, Bruno Mokross and Gergő Kovács (as Hungarian Sadness), and on several occasions in Berlin by Sebastian Zimmerhackl.

Crosstalk e8th ╲ Day 2 Biotech

27 May 2016 (Rombusz Terasz)

Videos by

Zach BLAS: Facial Weaponization Communiqué: Fag Face 8’11”
Jennifer CHAN: Young Money 8’21”
Rui HU: Metropolitan Triangle Garden 3’54”
Shinseungback KIMYONGHUN: CAPTCHA Tweet 1’14”
Gergő KOVÁCS: Aquamorph, quasi, blind
Hsinyu LIN: 3’50”
Anna Luise LORENZ: NoNoNoYesNo 6’44”
Silvio LORUSSO: 294 reblogs of http___postemotional.tumblr.com_
post_111988012038_tired-face – 28 Feb 2015-HD
Tamás PÁLL: Disassembly 0
Borja RODRIGUEZ ALONSO: Hey Guys 2’55”, Why 4’52”
Iván ROHONYI-DEMKÓ: Excerpt from a Game Con C Pulpa 5’02”
Sebastian SCHMIEG: Segmentation.Network
Erica SCOURTI: Dark Archives
Jade STATUES & Gergő KOVÁCS: 3 Orbs 2’25”
Gábor Csongor SZIGETI: Aethereal

curated by Lívia Nolasco-Rózsás & Szilvi Német
screening is powered by Vj Centrum Budapest

#biometric surveillance, #figures of mixity-hybridity, #transsexuality as a dominant posthuman topos, #bio-genetics, #prosthetic technologies, #becoming-machine, #forward looking experiments with new forms of subjectivity
#smart & autonomous machines, #algorithmic creativity, #works by-passing human decision making at both operational and moral levels, #machinic intentionality, #pattern recognition, #artificial intelligence

Crosstalk e8th ╲ Day 1 Dark Ecology

26 May 2016 (Lärm)

Videos by

Yuri ANCARANI: Il Capo 15’00”
Patricia BANDEÍRA: Earth is Flat 6’23”
Emma CHARLES: White Mountain 21’52”
Yin-Ju CHEN & James T. HONG: End Transmission 15’40”
Liu CHUANG: BBRI (NO.1 of Blossom Bud Restrainer)
Judy RADUL: Birds of Nicaragua and the Cloud
Amanda STOJANOV: Your Choice 5’20
UBERMORGEN: Chinese Gold 2’17”
Jelena VISKOVIC: Nuclear. org

#humanity as a geological force,  #geo-centered perspective,  #critical climate change,  #geo-morphism,  #planetary scale computation,  #becoming-earth

curated by Lívia Nolasco-Rózsás, Szilvi Német

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