Screening programme

Crosstalk Edition 6

2012 (Gozsdu Yard, Court 'C')

For the 6th edition of the festival, we organized 4 thematic blocks out of the juried material received from the Open Call application. These are as follows:



Contemplation & Reflex 

Yagama: Nomads,  1″59″ {Germany / Bulgaria}

Maja Kirovska: Where is the exit? Probably Sisyphus knows, 3′00″  {Macedonia}

Peter Pelzmann: Metamorphosis,  7′10″ {Germany}

Komoróczky Tamás: Meme, 10′06″  {Hungary}

Evaristo Benítez: Inaction,  2′43″ {Spain}

Neno Belchev: Dresden hand, 8′22″ {Bulgaria}

Egle Abromaite: Molesophy, 1′35″ {Lithuania}

Peach+Plum: Sisyphus in reverse, 1′31″ {Bulgaria}

Erik Mátrai: Breath, 2′05″ { Hungary}




Ambient & Socio-climate 

Beate Hecher & Markus Keim: All inclusive, 8′00″ {Austria}

Marie-Paule Bilger: We, 3′40″ {France}

George Drivas: Sequence error, 11′00″ {Greece}

Zafer Topaloglu: Aisha in wonderland, 4′00″ {Turkey}

David Anthony Sant: Encircled, 4′11″ {UK}

Pieter Geenen: Pulsation, 14′30″ {Belgium}

János Brückner: Hymn 2.0, 1′32″ {Hungary}

Ivar Veermae:  iTouch, 3′35″ {Germany}

Gábor Pribék: Balance, 2′12″ {Hungary}

Pál Talpas: Scenic railway, 2′40″ {Hungary}

Csaba Nemes: George settlement {Hungary}

Allan Siegel: Where are the poets?, 7′00″ {Hungary}




Affection & Urge 

Mattias Wright: Personal obsession, 3′00″ {Germany}

Stefan Riebel: Untitled 44, 1′00″ {Germany}

Kai Stanicke: Cold Star,  7′00″ {Germany}

Konstantinos Antonios Guotos:dustin!, 9′00″ {Germany-Greece}

Laure Cottin: Nowhere, 3′30″ {France}

Chris Dupuis: Just friends, 4′30″ {Canada}

Nu de dos Arte: Zinelli: In the painter’s mind, 3′17″ {Italy}

Russel J. Chartier: Devil on a Dam, 5′45″ {USA}

Endre Koronczi: Free will, 5′48″ {Hungary}

Judit Kis: Distance, 2′40″ {Hungary}




Pro forma & Style 

Nadine Arbeiter: Living in a bubble, 3′05″ {Germany}

Arjan Brentjes: Once upon a time there/he was an artist, 6′33″ {The Netherlands}

Cameron Duguid: Music with repetitive structures, 3′28″ {UK}

CAPTURE – Ana Maria Gomes, Alice de Sagazan, Stephanie Cazaentre: Chameleon, 0′56″ {France}

Branimir Benisek: The metamorphosis, 3′31″ {Serbia}

Rebecca Salvadori: Leap Frog, 5′23″ {UK}

Harkai Doma: Rotterdam Central, 2′16″ {Netherlands}

Dóra Karácsony: I see, 1′00″ {Hungary}

Susanne Wiegner: At the museum, 3′00″ {Germany}