PAF 2017 Crosstalk Screening
Konvict,Olomouc (CZ)
9 December 2017, 3 – 4pm
introduction by Szilvi Német

The compilation showcases the paradigm shift from a culture of »reproduction« to that of »construction of worlds«, as a result of which the cinematographic-photographic image was first challenged, lately defeated by computer-generated processes. As the dominant form of information capitalism, high tech comes to life in the homologous cultural space determined by global technologies, where art practices also have to situate themselves (as accomplice, early adopter, accelerationist, conspiracy theorist or transformer). As opposed to the closed universe of the traditional (video) art genres, an operational vernacular presents itself that favors digital proxies, enveloping environments (immersion), 3D user experience, elements of gamification and most importantly an open structure (running live on assets configured by algorithms in real-time). The presentation includes in-the-making screen captures reflecting digital literacy and early exposure characteristic to platform economy, a tutorial on how to hide yourself from the monitoring and monetizing drive of data markets and a frozen gameplay excerpt where an AI forecasts and navigates the game set in a dystopian city.

Gergö Kovács, Rites Network (Jelena Viskovic, András Molnár, Tamás Marquetant, Tomi Páll, Iván Rohonyi-Demkó), Tamás Páll,
Iván Rohonyi-Demkó, Tamás: Komoróczky


Cross9 Prequel “Slime to Fill Blanks”
Art + Text Budapest
9 November 2017, 7 – 10pm
live gameplay: RITES

The Prequel to the 9th Edition of the Video Art Festival showcases the shift from digitally recorded videos to digitally crafted worlds through the works of various artists and indie producers. While video and photography is about ‘framing’ an already existing environment, computer-generated production works along a radically different ontology. Its digital renders are either superimposed on the given thus transforming what we perceive as reality (AR) or resorts to a blank space (games, VR) to create alternatives.
While immersive media has exploded on corporate terms, subversive practices extend them beyond commercial use. “Once designers step away from industrial production and the marketplace, we enter the realm of the unreal, the fictional”.* The show also unpacks the activity of a community of local artists whose works display a mode of production, aesthetic and countercultural stance that is related to high tech.

On view: Dániel Helyes, Tamás Marquetant, András Molnár, Tamás Páll , Iván Rohonyi-Demkó, Jelena Viskovic, David Přílučík (CZ), Ágnes Várnai – Tina Kult – Timi Strott (AT), Ultrabianka



26 OCTOBER 2016
Video Presentation: METAHAVEN
Information Skies (Valóságos Egek), 2016
Toldi Klub, 26 October 2016, 7pm
discussion: Daniel van der Velden (Metahaven) and Krisztián Puskár (journalist, musician, film critic) 

Information Skies is a psychodrama about vr, written and directed by metahaven in 2016. A combination of live action and animation, the film is a sequel to metahaven’s film project “the sprawl (propaganda on propaganda)”.



25 FEBRUARY 2016
Medialexicon: Faux Friends / event
Telep Gallery, 8 Madách street Budapest
Opening: 25 February 2016, 7 pm

ArtistsGergő Kovács, Jelena Viskovic, Anna-Luise Lorenz, Botond Keresztesi, Bruno Mokross, The Rodina, Mátyás Csiszár, Tomi Pall, Zsófia Keresztes, Nik Timková, Tina Poliačková, Rui Hu, Esteban de la Torre, Thomas Grogan, Noviki, Árpád Szigeti, Zsolt Miklósvölgyi, Mark Fridvalszki, Fanny Pápay

Curated by Szilvi Német



04 FEBRUARY 2016
3_Search Presents: LIGHT YEAR 10: “Crosstalk Presents”
Video Art Projections on the Manhattan Bridge, New York
Thursday, February 4th, 6-9 pm
Triangle at Pearl and Anchorage Place
Curated by Szilvi Német

Artists: Ádám Ulbert (H/NL), Natalija Vujosevic (ME), Iván Rohonyi Demko (H), Gergő Kovács (H), Tamás Komoróczky (H), Rui Hu (USA)

The video selection consists of artistic visions of contemporary subjectivity, a lively discourse framed by the ‘new segregation of the two cultures, the Humanities and the Sciences/Technology’ (Rosi Braidotti). The dramaturgy of the compilation proceeds through the exodus of man from its position as a central and autonomous agent of world history / planet / its own destiny. Soon after a succinct invocation of the bygone modernist project of the integral & universal subject, videos shift towards a new landscape. Fragmented, dis-embedded or hyper-inflated existences re-emerge, now as part of an alien techno-architecture. A possibility of an alternative social and cultural blueprint is to be born out of this unprecedented symbiosis. Humanity lives in the beginning of sci-fi, rather than in the end of history.


03 DECEMBER 2015 

venue: Hotel room (RSVP for the address), 7 pm


Turbo Sculpture is a video essay by Aleksandra Domanovic which questions the emergence of a new kind of public art in ex-Yougoslav republics: due to the lack of sufficient reference points or a younger history, monuments to heroes of pop culture like Bruce Lee, Bob Marley or Rocky Balboa have been erected in many places that were at war for over a decade in the 1990’s.

Turbofolk is tacky, high-octane techno with melodies based loosely on traditional Balkan folk music. Which would make it the same as popular music in pretty much any country in Europe, if it wasn’t also paid for by the Serbian and Croatian mafias (sometimes the Montenegrin) and served as the soundtrack to some of the most heinous war crimes since the Holocaust. – The Vice Guide to the Balkans Part 2.

Partner: Tanya Leighton Gallery (Berlin) & Easterndaze


Szatyor Art Space (33. Béla Bartók street) 20:00 link

# newwave # publicart&opinion # skopje2014 # socioporno # statusquo # erection # voodoo # kiazideálod # postcom # antiquization


LITTLE WARSAW: Instauratio! Monument Contra Cathedral
{27’44”  Hungarian speaking video, with English subtitles}

The outrageous story of the statue honouring János Szántó-Kovács, leader of the agrarian uprising in 1965 started already with its erection. The memorial commissioned by the local authorities of the city of Hódmezővásárhely was harshly displeased both by the local community and the descendants of Szántó-Kovács. The story stirred up such a big storm that even the Hungarian Television produced a black-and-white documentary film on the incident, in which both the sculptor of the memorial and the mayor of the city reason for and against.

Christian JANKOWSKI: Heavy Weight History
{26’46”  Polish speaking video, with English subtitles}

Christian Jankowski came to prominence with thought-provoking work that satirizes reality TV and the media. His latest exhibition, Heavy Weight History, at Lisson Gallery in London, is an installation of photographs and a 30-minute film that documents a group of Polish weightlifters attempting to lift public monuments in Warsaw.


2 FEBRUAR 2015
Living Memorial (Liberty Square) 21:00 link
Christian JANKOWSKI:Heavy Weight History
LITTLE WARSAW: INSTAURATIO! – Monument contra Cathedral


At variance to the opinion that public sculptures are ‘unseen’, the recent ‘statue affairs’ both in Hungary and elsewhere proved to stir up this old belief. The phenomenon of ‘Leninfall’ in Ukraine is one exemplary monumentum from today’s media news, where cataclysmic mass rage removed the representations in stone of an old regime by physical force. Thanks to the broadcast-based media culture that we live in, these events do not pass unnoticed. The video selection invites to face up with the dilemma of monuments in stone, their propaganda value affecting public history, and the participatory forms of counter-discourses in memorialization practices. The screening event is a joint program with the Eleven Emlékmű (Living Memorial) activists.

“Flat surfaces, in this logic, are not opposed to depth in the sense of three-dimensonal surfaces. They are opposed to the ‘living’. The mute surface of the depicted signs stands in opposition to the ‘act’ of living speech, which is guided by the speaker towards its appropriate addressee”. J. Ranciére: Politics of Aesthetics