Crosstalk Video Art Festival is an annual video art exhibit seeking to raise people’s awareness for video as a form of art. Crosstalk Video Art Festival brings a prospective to the Budapest contemporary art scene: it connects people through art and urban environment and aims to create an interlock of network of viewers and artists.

Next to the annual festival, we organize the Crosstalk Video Presentation series in a monthly rotation, that seeks to maintain attention towards our agenda in the form of a regularly organized event-series. The monthly program aims to provide Hungarians and international video artists with an open, straight dialogue platform to meet personally with the videolover public. Once a month an artist or a curator is invited to present their videos and share their experiences with the audience. The video presentation series takes place at pop up places every now and then.


Crosstalk Video Art Festival was founded by Adrien Török in 2008. Besides the festival she also initiated a monthly discussion series which resulted in more than 20 Hungarian and international media artists being presented to Budapest audiences; the discussion series was awarded in 2010 the Catalyst Award Currently she is recovering from an illness and with her support Crosstalk Video Art Festival is being produced by a four-member festival organizing group that includes: Eike (artist, founder of Videospace),  Szilvi Német (freelancer curator, critic), János Sugar and  Allan Siegel (both artists and professors at MKE Intermedia Department).


The objective of the festival is to present to the general public outstanding and diverse examples of current video art practices.
Each year the festival aims to select from and draw upon the dynamic and shifting nature of video art.

The vocabulary of video art as a means of artistic expression and experimentation has no easily fixed boundaries and draws upon various media, cultural dynamics and technologies; has antecedents in experimental cinema and reflects the various forms and genres of popular culture; it has no standard vocabulary nor singular defining elements as a form of artistic expression nor as a means of representation and experimentation. Therefore the festival favours a curatorial approach in its selection process and strives to capture the pulse of the moment as well as its historical trajectory.

In the manner in which videos are presented, the festival strives to highlight the uniquely non-theatrical framework in which video art is both conceived and able to be exhibited; in this manner the festival seeks to encourage and develop new venues and viewing situations which promote the various relationships between audiences and video art.

Situating itself within this wide field of activity, the Crosstalk Video Art Festival seeks to distinguish itself as an innovative festival featuring  a rich array of work and highlight its constantly evolving means of expression.

The Crosstalk Video Art Festival is a juried exhibition whose selection process involves artists, curators and critics within the Hungary’s artistic communities; as the festival continues to evolve it will strive to include in its selection process guests from throughout the region as well new venues and partners. At its discretion the jury awards prizes for outstanding work and contributions to the medium of video art.