Edition 9th
Spooky Actions
Deadline: 30 September 2017

”Once memories and dreams, the dead and ghost become technologically reproducible, we no longer need the powers of hallucination.” Friedrich Kittler

VR storytelling
Fulldome 360 videos
Under the radar makers

The same logic that instigated isolationism and the proliferation of alternative worlds in politics, filter bubbles and echo chambers in interpersonal relations triggered the revival of a technological artifact that externalizes realities of different kinds for the individual.

»Technological materiality«
Known as ‘the reality-producing device’, virtual reality technologies model high-fidelity environments with visual and kinetic feedbacks. Within VR experiences, representational proxies simulate corporeality allowing for actions at a distance without physical compromise.

»Indie as a parasite«
Since all the major stakeholders in the technology industry are shapeshifting their services and products to 3D user interfaces, a standalone Web 3.0 is in formation. Considering the heavy computational capacities (high-end headsets, dollar per reality resolution, render farms, massive processing power) of VR technology, indie content comes forth on the big industrial hardwares „in the night shift”.

Application deadline 30 September 2017

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